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Future-proof your career while you generate positive change in the world.

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The World Is Changing

It Needs You to Lead the Charge

Looking to flex the skills you already have in a career you’ll actually love?

You’re ready to ditch the boring routine and flex your problem-solving skills. We’re ready to take your career to the next level. The Electrical & Automation industry needs passionate, driven people with experience in areas like sales, marketing, I.T., technical & engineering, and operations. People who will help power innovations that affect every corner of our lives: everything from huge, foundational things, like the electrical grid that powers every aspect of our lives, to game-changers in sustainability, like the electrification of transportation.

Our members are powering change. And they need people like you to help them.

Future-Proof Your Career

Looking for a more sustainable career?

Whether your background is in sales, marketing, supply chain & operations, technical & engineering, IT, or human resources, there’s a fit for you here.

As the electrical and automation industry keeps growing, we need people with a wide range of skills: problem-solvers, persuasive advocates, creative thinkers, and people who love connecting with others. You already have the skills, now it’s your time to apply them where you can affect change.

highway at night time.

Make a Real Impact

Join us, and work towards making real progress that affects every aspect of our lives.



Smart homes, intelligent buildings, security, heat… you name it, our members are changing the game in how we go about our daily lives. We provide smart, connected solutions that add safety, comfort and convenience to people’s daily lives at home.

Commercial building


The Commercial market relies on our industry to provide products that save energy, lower operating costs, and allow businesses to become more flexible and sustainable.


The Industrial market relies on our industry for electrical and automation solutions that improve the productivity, safety and sustainability of manufacturing environments.



Schools, hospitals, airports, roads, bridges, tunnels and other public infrastructure are all undergoing a lot of changes. As they try to support the rapidly growing number of citizens in urban areas, they rely on us for connectivity, electrifying transportation, humanizing lighting, and more.

Power line towers


As cities grow into massive urban centres, we become increasingly reliant on electricity to power our world. As a result, utility companies are searching for ways to decentralize how energy is generated, transmitted, and distributed. We play a major role in modernizing the grid, and also with supporting utility providers as they look to integrate sustainable technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal and battery storage.

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